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Easy Dinner Ideas with Ground Beef

Ground beef has so many benefits: it’s affordable, it can stretch to feed a whole family (via casseroles, other ingredients), it’s versatile (so many different recipes use it), it tastes great (kids and adults love it). You may not realize that ground beef recipes are handier than you’d think! Below are easy dinner ideas with ground beef.

Wondering what to make with ground beef? These super easy ground beef recipes are easy and approachable!

There are a variety of easy ground beef dinner options and so many recipes utilize ingredients that you have on hand in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.

Here are three easy and delicious recipes using ground beef and pantry staples!


1. Beef Enchiladas are a family favorite. The baking seals in the flavor and melts the cheese perfectly. Your whole family will love it. And, it’s a great leftover for lunch the next day! Simply use the cheese in your fridge and get cooking. Next, enjoy your seasoned beef and cheese rolled into soft tortillas.

2. Tater Tot Bake is a classic casserole is an easy ground beef recipe with few ingredients. This is one of the best ground beef recipes and it allows for a lot of substitutes if you don’t have the recipe ingredients on hand. For example, you can use cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom, milk or water and substitute just about any vegetables. Tater tot bake is creamy and crunchy and a delicious family favorite.

      • Pro Tip: If you don’t have tater tots in your freezer, frozen French fries will work just as well!

3. A Korean Beef Bowl is a simple dinner idea with ground beef stretches the palette for easy ground beef meals without stretching the ability to prepare it. These delicious Korean Beef Bowls call for many on-hand ingredients or easily substitutable ones. Enjoy beef in a sweet and spicy sauce on a bed of rice with fun toppings. Soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic sauce are fairly common. This recipe with calls for Chili sauce, but it is often substituted with Sriracha sauce. Sliced carrots, sliced cucumber, and cooked spinach are nice additions or mix-and-match any toppings you would like!

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With these recipes, dinner is now something you will conquer. Make meals with ground beef in no time. Simply store your Pound of Ground product in the freezer and whip out these three delicious recipes anytime!

Written by Sarah Meyer

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