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The Kitchn reviews Pound of Ground! Read “The New $6 Ground Beef Freezer Find is My Smartest Dinner Shortcut."

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no need to thaw before cooking

Find Pound of Ground® in the frozen meat section

freezer to homemade

Forgot to thaw the meat? No plans? No problem. New Pound of Ground® frozen uncooked beef is ready when you are. No defrosting. Made from 100% pure, All Natural* uncooked ground beef, Pound of Ground Crumbles® and Pound of Ground Burger Thins™ are quick-frozen and cook fast.

With Pound of Ground, there’s no need to thaw before cooking.

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100% pure ground beef crumble tacos

100% Pure
All Natural*
Ground Beef

No artificial colors
or preservatives.

Ground Beef Meals in Minutes

Real, homemade dinner ideas for any night of the week.

Taco Night

Spaghetti with Ground Meat Sauce

Sloppy Joes

Ground Beef Chili

Find Pound of Ground® in the frozen meat section

Add Crumbles® and Burger Thins™ to your freezer for real homemade dinners — with no need to thaw before cooking or planning ahead.
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