Make Dinner Easier

Frozen, uncooked ground beef from freezer to skillet

Crumbles cook from frozen in 7-8 minutes

Made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives

Weeknight Meals Easy as 1-2-3!


Pour frozen ground beef Crumbles (1 lb.) into medium-high preheated pan or skillet and cover.


Cook until browned, stirring to break up any large pieces, and until internal temperature has reached 160°F measured by a food thermometer.


Ready in 7-8 minutes. Drain, season, or sauce as desired.

Dinners with Ground Beef

Our 3-pack of ground beef Crumbles means you can try all three of these delicious recipes

Tater Tot Bake

The perfect beefy comfort meal to create for your next family gathering.

Taco Pizza

Our ground beef with onions is the perfect protein topping for your next homemade pizza.

Spaghetti with Ground Meat Sauce

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Add our 3-pack of Pound of Ground Crumbles to your freezer for real homemade dinners—with no thawing required before cooking.
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