Thin to Win

Whether cheese slices, bagels or now burgers, consumers have spoken and THIN is where it’s at. One need only walk down the grocery store aisles to see the THIN rage all around.

Does Thin Food Taste Better?

So what does THIN get you? A wonderfully enhanced taste and texture of your favorite foods, but without all the indulgence.

  • Bagel Thins: Light texture and delicious taste in a 110 calorie BAGEL THIN bagel
  • OREO Thins: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are the classic OREO cookies you’ve always loved, but with a crisp, delicate and delicious twist. These thin cookies are a lighter, crispier take on Original OREO cookies with less crumbs and more crunch.
  • REESE’S THiNS Cups are the perfect combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter in a slimmer, but equally delicious cup.
  • Sandwich Thins: Perfectly-sized and now 150 calories per roll, we love them and know you will too!
  • Chips Ahoy! Thins: Slim, crisp, and made with real chocolate chips
  • Sargento Ultra Thin®Cheese Slices have the same Sargento® cheese taste, and they’re up to 45 calories a slice.
  • Ritz Crisp & Thins: Oven-baked chips with a crispythin shape and an irresistible crunch.

Introducing New Burger Thins Beef Patties

And now, introducing New Pound of Ground® Burger Thins™. New Burger Thins have joined the trend by offering 6 patties per pound. Made from 80 Lean 100% Pure All Natural ground beef, leaner than most frozen beef patties, Burger Thins also boasts a mere 190 calories per patty. Compare this to the market leader Bubba Burger original at 420 calories per patty!

Consumers love so many things about thinner burgers

  • Right size portions for those trying not to overindulge
  • A burger children will actually finish, for once
  • 100% Pure Beef, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and Gluten Free
  • The thinner patty cooks faster – just 5 – 6 minutes from frozen
  • Less worry about the patty center being not fully cooked

Try these great THINdulgent products today!

Find it in the frozen meat section

Add Pound of Ground to your freezer for real homemade dinners — with no need to thaw before cooking or planning ahead.
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