Burgers & Blackstone Grills…the Perfect Pair

Blackstone grills have risen to popularity because of the legendary hot griddle and the deliciousness it imparts on so many different foods from veggies to bacon to eggs. Other things we love include the grease pan in the back, simple clean up, less fuss outdoors, and no flame flare ups due to drippings or food falling between the grates.

We think the quintessential grill food, burgers, do especially well on Blackstone grill. New Pound of Ground® Burger Thins, thin 100% pure beef patties, have a great grilled taste on a Blackstone, especially if you love those crispy browned edges like Smash Burgers or Culvers.

To create a crusty sear, most people like their Blackstone griddle hot, like 425°F. But keep an eye on ‘em, these burgers cook quickly so you’ll be enjoying your own version of a Smashburger in minutes

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