Burgers, No Grill Required

My husband’s domain is the grill. Whether fair skies or chilly fall days, he can be found wielding his tongs with a handy glass of water to tamp down the occasional flare ups. Pork chops, grilled veggies, and BBQ chicken are all in his wheelhouse and offer me a much-needed break from the routine of weeknight meals.

But there are times when grilling out isn’t an option nor is everyone – including me – quite as skilled at the great outdoor BBQ. If this is you, we got you covered.

Introducing new Pound of Ground® Burger Thins®, 100% Pure All Natural beef patties that cook right from frozen in a skillet in about 5 minutes, done before that grill even heat up. Burger Thins are an easy weeknight dinner solution for a family-favorite meal any night.

And preparation is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

burger thin preparation

How to make good hamburgers on the stove?

  1. PLACE FROZEN patties into medium-high preheated pan or skillet. Cover.
  2. COOK FOR 4 MINUTES, until first side is browned, pressing down in the center occasionally, then flip and continue cooking until internal temperature has reached 1­60° F measured by a food thermometer.
  3. READY IN ABOUT 5 – 6 MINUTES. Season, top, or serve as desired.

How Long to Cook Hamburgers in an Air Fryer?

And no worries, Air Fryer fans. We have you covered there, too. It takes a little longer but is even less mess.

  1. Preheat air fryer to 375°F.
  2. Cook 3½-4 minutes, ensuring patties do not overlap. Flip and cook another 3½-4 minutes or until product reaches 160°F on meat thermometer.
  3. Season, top, or serve as desired.

Note: Cook times are approximate based on air fryer wattage (1725 watts). Appliances and cook times may vary.

Step aside grill, we got this!

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Add Pound of Ground to your freezer for real homemade dinners — with no need to thaw before cooking or planning ahead.
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