With NEW Pound of Ground
Ground Beef Crumbles
any night can be taco night.

We’ve all been there. Dinnertime arrives with no meat ready-to-go and no great prospects for dinner. As a working mother and someone who rarely plans meals past Tuesday each week, I envisioned a day when weekday meals were not dictated by whether I had meat in the fridge.

Inspired, I created Pound of GroundTM with help from family, friends, and busy cooks like you to make dinner easier.

Our new Pound of GroundTM contains All Natural 100% pure uncooked ground beef that has been quick-frozen into small CrumblesTM. Keep it on-hand in your freezer so you’re always ready to make homemade dinners like spaghetti & meat sauce, tacos, or chili- anytime, with no defrosting or planning ahead!